Because He's Hot! Channing Tatum Wears Leather Vest on 'Magic Mike' Set (PHOTOS)

Channing vs. Alex
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Channing Tatum showed off his buff bod and biceps while filming his latest film, Magic Mike. Dressed in a black vest and velvet pants, he got into character as a male stripper on the Los Angeles set. The film is loosely based on Channing‘s stripping past and stars a few other hotties: Alex Pettyfer, Matt BomerMatthew McConaughey!

Earlier this week, Channing showed off a lot more skin when he was snapped peeking out of his trailer. In true stripper movie form, he was shirtless!

This isn’t our first shirtless sighting of the Magic Mike men. Channing’s super sexy costar Alex Pettyfer was seen in nothing but his skimpies and a hoodie while filming.

In the Steven Soderbergh directed flick, (scheduled for a 2012 release), Alex will play a character who gets mixed up in the world of male stripping and hustling to get by. McConaughey will play a former stripper who now owns the club where this slew of sexy men take it all off.



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