Chynna Phillips Tells Celebuzz About Nancy Grace Nip Slip & Wilson Phillips Reunion!

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Can Chynna Phillips go all the way on Dancing with the Stars? While we’re rooting for her, she certainly has one reason to stay in the competition — the show’s producers have promised to allow Wilson Phillips to perform in the future if she makes it to week eight — she’s got to “Hold On”!

“I guess you have to get to a certain week before they can make any commitments or promises,” she explains. “So I better work my butt off!”

Before that happens, fans can look forward to a new album from the famous trio! “Right now,” she says, “Wilson Phillips is recording a tribute album to our parents. It’s all Mamas & the Papas and Beach Boys classics. It’s called Dedicated. We’re really excited. It will be released early next year.”

As far as the other competitors go, “Kristin Cavallari is my new BFF,” she says. “I just love that girl. She’s so nice, so down to earth, so real. She’s just super supportive.”

“I was kind of scared to meet [Nancy Grace],” she adds. “I was like, what if she hates me? I would never want to be on Nancy Grace’s bad side. She’s so delicious. She’s funny, totally self-deprecating, really supportive and a great mom; loves her kids — and a Christian. We love talking about Jesus together.” She adds that while she is a spiritual person, she does not consider herself religious in that she follows rituals or participates in group thought. She simply has her own personal relationship with the big JC.

When Nancy had her wardrobe malfunction, Chynna reveals, “I said ‘honey, if you’ve seen one nipple you’ve seen them all.’ No big deal, come on.”

While she’s not really concerned about an accidental nip slip, she does have her own limitation on the show’s racy costumes — revealing that her partner Tony Dovolani actually designs all her outfits.

“I told Tony I’m not afraid to go a little sexy,” she says. “I just don’t want it to be gratuitous. There’s nothing wrong with skin, but there’s no need to have the breasts flying out and the skirt so short you can see your butt cheeks. That’s definitely not something you’re going to see me doing.”

When asked about being involved in the sequel to Bridesmaids, she says, “If they call us and ask us to participate, we will be there so fast! We’ll be there before we even sign the contract … it was such a positive experience. A real gift. It came at the perfect time … we needed that shot in the arm.”

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