Deena Nicole Shows Ed Helms 'Jersey Turnpike' Booty Dance (VIDEO)

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Jersey Shore girl Deena Nicole Cortese doesn't need a nightclub to bust out a booty dance. While on the Tonight Show, host Jay Leno asked the "blast in a glass" to explain to him what "Jersey Turnpike" means. Deena did him one better and showed him!

The self proclaimed meatball used The Office star Ed Helms as her subject to perform the seductive booty dance. Deena couldn't look more comfortable doing the "Jersey Turnpike," but Ed was very awkward! "I have another name for that," he said following the booty dance. 

Leno joked that it might be a "toll road."

Deena also chatted about the kiss seen around the world, her smooch in Florence, Italy with her roommate Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi. "Meatball power!" she exclaimed, adding that she was surprised by her roommates' "mean and judgmental" reactions to the make out session. 

Today is Jersday, meaning yet another episode of Jersey Shore airs tonight on MTV. Will you be watching this "blast in a glass?" Give us your Shore reviews in the comments!

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