Giveaway Alert! Ash & Dans Gemma Infinity Scarf!

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UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for participating!

Fall is here, so why not get a head start on accessories for the cooler weather?  Celebuzz got together with Ash & Dans to help you kick the season off with this awesome giveaway!

The perfect fall accessory is one that you can add to any outfit -- whether its dressing up, going casual, or just looking for an extra pop of color. Sound ideal? Look no further!

One lucky winner will receive Ash & Dans gorgeous Gemma Infinity Scarf! The scarf is a lightweight rayon jersey blend that has the wonderful feel of a vintage tee. A favorite of Leighton Meester (among many other celebrities), this red scarf with black trim can go with basically any outfit to add a little flavor. Think this scarf would make the perfect addition to your wardrobe!

Here's how to enter:

Leave us a comment telling us the perfect outfit to wear the Gemma Infinity Scarf with. PLEASE NOTE: You must sign in to Celebuzz (or use Facebook to sign in) in order to comment and win.

This giveaway ends on Thursday October 6 at 9 AM ET.


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  • Kimberly B.
    Kimberly B.

    I would wear this with a black leather jacket, red sweater and dark flared jeans with boots.

  • Sarah Wick-Netemeyer
    Sarah Wick-Netemeyer

    A simple black turtle neck, dark wash skinny jeans and tall black leather 'equestrian' style boots would look stunning with this scarf! In terms of jewelry, thick bangle bracelets and stud earrings would work very well!

  • KH Bride
    KH Bride

    I love this! I'd rock it with a black top, dark skinny jeans, and tall dark boots

  • wheat636

    It'd look great with a gray top and leggings or black jeans and over the knee boots.

  • La Mora
    La Mora

    With Fall upon us, this is the perfect scarf to wear with any number of outfits. This scarf would be great, pratical and very fashionable.

  • ilovekardashians44

    This scarf is perfect for the lovely fall weather! I'd wear it with skinny jeans, black boots, and a silky long-sleeve black top. I have the perfect outfit in mind! Love it! -P.S. I have already liked you on Facebook and follow you on Twitter. Good luck everyone! xoxo

  • Samara Calcano
    Samara Calcano

    i would wear this to the wedding im going to in sure itll be cold enough to need it then :-)

  • appu

    A fitter black blazer, skinny jeans and a white top :)

  • Dan Drenchek
    Dan Drenchek

    A new print tommy hfliefr jumpsuit

  • Rust Hawk
    Rust Hawk

    I would wear it with leggings and a wool dress, with a gorgeous wrap coat

  • danielleakame

    i would wear this with my black skinny jeans, new black booties i got, and black shirt, with a leather jacket. and this scarf would defiantly pop!

  • Lena Toulhoat Naef
    Lena Toulhoat Naef

    I’d wear this with a pair of jeans, a blazer and a pair of boots! Thanks

  • Liza Sanchez
    Liza Sanchez

    with nothing on:)

  • ambermiller86

    this would be CUTE with a simple tank top, a pair of jeans, and a pair of boots!!!

  • Erin Laidley
    Erin Laidley

    I'd wear this with skinny jeans, Converse, a plain t-shirt and my leather jacket, since this scarf has an edgy look to it.

  • kclarksonfnatic

    i would wear this with my skinny jeans, jeffrey campbell black lita lace up heels, and a solid white shirt. I would want this scarf to pop and be the focus of my outfit.

  • Natalie Harris
    Natalie Harris

    The perfect outfit to wear this scarf with would be an all black look, very fall, with jeans, a blazer, and cute boots! The red and the fringe totally give your outfit a little edge!

  • ilzux142

    Red my favorite color. It would look great with everything but most of all with cute jeans and cool converse sneakers, simple t-shirt and ready.

  • jennyjazz

    I would love to wear this scarf with my favorite pair of jeans (the ones that I have finally broken in, yay!) and a plain tank top. The scarf would be the main attraction and I wouldnt want to take away from it by pairing it with anything too flashy. Throw on some cute shoes and I'd be ready to show it off!

  • Amanda Kate Zepher
    Amanda Kate Zepher

    what a beautiful scarf!!! I would not mind owing it and especially with Christmas around the corner.

  • samantha edwards
    samantha edwards

    This fantastic infinity scarf with go great with a pair of nude pumps, black skinny jeans, black long sleeve V.neck, hair down with a slight curl , natural makeup,and some lovely thick bangels. You can also trade the pumps for black boots and you can leave or trade your skinny jeans for a dark navy blue.

  • Tris Shela
    Tris Shela

    I would wear this scarf with leggings and a white shirt.

  • michellemarie

    skinny jeans, high boots, and a black top

  • rebeldegurl1991

    this scarf would go great with a dress leather jacket and boots.

  • emorgan223

    jeans and a white shirt, it would be the piece to pull it all together.

  • egood33

    I think this scarf would look really cute with a dress, leather jacket and boots!