Old Spice Star Isaiah Mustafa Talks ‘Charlie’s Angels,’ Being Single and Where He Keeps His Emmy

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Isaiah Mustafa made a name for himself as the star of the Emmy-winning Old Spice ads, but as he’s quickly proving, he’s a lot more than just a good-looking guy with a killer body.

Tonight, the 37-year-old will show off his acting skills in a two-part guest spot on Charlie’s Angels (8PM, ABC), in which he plays a former lover of one of the Angels.

In preparation for the episodes, Celebuzz spoke to Isaiah about his character, bonding with co-star Annie Ilonzeh, being single for a full year and who his celebrity crush is. Read the full interview below.

So, tell us a little more about the character you play.
I play Kate’s (Annie Ilonzeh) ex-fiance. [When we dated], she was a police officer. I called off the wedding because she took a bribe and lied to me about it, so I just couldn’t trust her. What you’re about to see is the first meeting since I called off the wedding, so there’s a lot of emotion.

How many episodes are you actually on?
I’ve got two under my belt, but I think there’s an opening to do a few more, depending on how the character’s developed.

The pilot was very action-heavy; did you actually get to do your own stunts?
I insist on doing all of my own stunts, he says. [Laughs] No, I kid. I ran up some stairs, you know? [Laughs] In the second episode, there was this basketball scene [and] I actually made the shot that I was not supposed to. [Laughs] Other than that, nothing yet.

I would imagine it’s pretty easy to create chemistry with Annie.
Yeah. She is really cool. She has a very athletic background. She like sports. I used to play football, so we got along great. It was like talking to a girl athlete.

Did you get to hang out with any of the Angels?
In between takes, I pretty much just sat on set [Laughs] … They’re sitting there, too, so we’re having a conversation here and there.

Do you have a favorite Angel of all time?
My favorite all-time? Man. Lucy Liu. [Laughs] That’s my favorite. [Laughs]

You’ve acted on a lot of different shows. Is there one show that you’d love to guest star on?
I’m very tunnel-vision, so whatever I’m doing is the show that I would love to consistently be on. So, yes: Charlie’s Angels. As long as the show is on the air, I’d like to be on it. [Laughs] Let me tell you a couple reasons why. One: It’s called Charlie’s Angels. Who am I working with? Who do I get to be around all the time? [Laughs] There’s three beautiful women there. It doesn’t hurt that it’s filmed in Miami. [Laughs] That, too. So, there’s two. Do I need a three? [Laughs] And it’s fun … It’s a lot of fun.

Some people would call you a very lucky man.
I’d call me a very lucky man. What are you talking about, “some people”? [Laughs]

Did you have a favorite moment while being on set?
I laugh a lot, so all the moments for me are fun. They’re really fun, because I like to have a good time. I like to talk to everybody and get to know everyone on the crew. So, I just enjoyed being on set.

I know you said you were single back in March. Is that still the case?
I just celebrated my year-long [anniversary] of being single, first-ever in my life. So, yes. I am still single. [Laughs]

Do you have a celebrity crush?
My celebrity crush is with working. [Laughs] That’s what my celebrity crush is. No, I don’t have any celebrity crushes. I did have one awhile ago. I put a stop to that. [Laughs]

Do you still get recognized as the Old Spice Guy?
Of course I do! Please. Are you kidding me? [Laughs] Does Dean Cain always get associated with Superman? Yep! [Laughs] That’s just something that’s going to be there.

Where do you keep your Emmy?
In a very safe place, is all I can say. [Laughs]