'Twilight' Cast's Top Quotes About 'Breaking Dawn' Wedding (PHOTOS)

'Breaking Dawn' Honeymoon
See some clips from the anticipated scene! Watch »

Didn't think it was possible, but Jackson Rathbone got us even more excited for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, er, Bella and Edward's wedding in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt. 1. He told E! Online earlier this week: 

"We had to keep telling ourselves it was fake. ... She just walked out, everybody was quiet. Your heart would skip a beat, you get kind of teary-eyed."

So it got us thinking...what else has the cast said about one of Twilight's most anticipated scenes? Click the pics to find out!

You can tell Kristen is definitely the most passionate about her Twilight wedding day, and her jokester of a boyfriend Rob sort of gives her a hard time for being an emotional wreck (don't ya just love their banter?).

As for the other cast quotes, the common themes are that it was beautiful and cold. Again, click through our gallery and see what the stars are saying about Bella's big day!

Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 hits theaters November 18.


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  • TaraCrews

    I really love this pair and will always be. I am so excited to have the twilight saga shown here already...Kirsten and Robert for me are also great Fashionistas.

  • oniszko2

    Kristen has said that she does not want to attend any of the premiers for BD. Twitter had it posted a few days ago, maybe something did happen between Rob and Kristen, I know he has some awards waiting for him in London either on the 9th of October, wonder if he will go.

  • nikkiramz03

    meet my future husband.. >:D ♥

  • pleeeeease take your pills
    pleeeeease take your pills

    I'm a big enough person to admit when I'm wrong & apparently this morning the date for the London premiere was confirmed & Rob, Taylor & Bill are slotted to be there. HOWEVER, this does NOT prove your point, seeing as how Rob wasn't at the London premiere last year due to work, and guess what.....they're were still dating after it! So keep callin people idiots when your claims are groundless.

  • pleeeeease take your pills
    pleeeeease take your pills

    Did you see the word "premiere" anywhere in my post, idiot?! I said P-R-O-M-O-T-I-O-N. Which is Oct 23rd & 24th idiot. And as far as I'm aware, this is the ONLY BD press junket/premiere/promotional event that has announced who will or won't be there! So, like I said before, pipe down!

  • abby89

    the uk premiere is in nov,idiot and she isnt attending this one too,so yeah taryn lied to us.

  • pleeeeease take your pills
    pleeeeease take your pills

    Oh pipe down! The promotion that Rob & Ashley are doing is at the end of October...Kristen is filming until the end of November! It's called previous commitments/obligations. Remember when Taylor & Kristen promoted without Rob in Australia cause he was working?!?! They weren't broken up then & they're not now either! Most of us can except the reality that their lives aren't all Twilight, all the time...unlike you & the rest of your clan of crazies that claim they've broken up every time they don't brush their teeth together. Taryn didn't lie to you, you're lying to yourself!

  • abby89

    you are a liar.you told us rk were together and fine but they are not kristen is not doing promo for bd,she is not even going to the uk premiere and she is filming in the uk they broke up and you lied to us.

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    i love her outfit in this photo !!!!!!!!

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    ROSALiE, i DONT EVEN KNOW WHO u ARE ANYMORE !!!!!!!!!!! LMAO, seriously thogh i jus had to google her behind o__O

  • angel2317

    so excited for the wedding <3 sounds awesome

  • Suzanne

    Wow Lauren K your crazy knows no bonds. How many names have you gone by now. If you dont think that everyone knows that you are the same troll that harrasses every woman that Rob works with or comes within 100 feet of you are a fool. We all know who you are and what you are. You are just an individual with a life so sad that you need to spread untruths and hate about others. We would almost feel sorry for you if your hate wasnt so vile. By the way the article in star that you are referring to had your girl whispering in some guys ear and touching him as well. Its all garbage. Star has them divorced, married, engaged, cheating, etc every other week. Gossipcop busted Stars report already too. Oh wait in your mind they are paid off by Summit too right? Wow Summit has alot of money. The only place that a problem occurs or exists is in your deranged brain. Taryn is too honest a reporter to lie or cover for anyone. She knows the facts and knows that Rob and Kristen are as happy as ever. Sorry that that ruins your day. Now go away. The people on teds board dont even believe you more. Stop spreading lies and hate. Its a shame people like you call yourself Kristen fans. She would be so ashamed of you . A true fan supports all her decisions including Rob.

  • buh-bye

    too bad Gossip Cop already busted Star out on this lie...now go away troll

  • angel263

    laurenk - you really need to get the asylum to sort out your medication. You're a dingbat, stop harrassing Taryn, unlike you she knows what she's talking about

  • laurenk

    at least star magazine wont lie to the fans because they are not into summit pocket.you on the other hand...

  • Tammy Long
    Tammy Long

    wow cat fight crazy!! I'll have to keep a "i" on you 2! Too funny! Keep up the classy work here. : ) Luv & XXX

  • Tammy Long
    Tammy Long

    I cannot wait for this Movie the book was awesome Hope the movie lives up to it!

  • anon207

    Taryn, you are awesome.

  • Taryn Ryder
    Taryn Ryder


  • Taryn Ryder
    Taryn Ryder

    if you prefer to get your news from Star magazine "laurenk" by all means, you are more than welcome to go there

  • Noah

    Pink elephant?! I want one.

  • chris

    I hope the wedding lives up the hype. It sounds adorable.

  • laurenk

    http://lockerz.com/s/142749914 keep ignoring the huge pink elephant in the room taryn,oh yeah and the fact star magazine exposed your lies about the emmy after party and what rob was really doing,no wonder you were so scared about the stories coming out that you had to do damage control via twitter,you are not fooling anyone.


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