Ryan Gosling Shoots 'Gangster' Scenes in Sexy Suit (PHOTOS)

Ryan Stops a Fight!
Gosling breaks up a street brawl Watch »

It feels good to be a gangster is what Ryan Gosling is singing these days. The actor was spotted shooting night scenes on set of The Gangster Squad early Thursday morning in Los Angeles.

Per usual, RyGos looked quite dapper in a gray suit and top hat as he leaned on an old car, smoking a prop cigarette. Also shooting with Ryan was Josh Brolin, Giovanni Ribisi and Anthony Mackie. There's also been another familiar female face on set with Ryan...

The actor's Crazy, Stupid Love. costar Emma Stone is also in the movie and was recently snapped smooching RyGos while shooting a scene!

Rumor has it Ryan insisted that Emma be cast alongside him in the movie. 


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