Big Time Rush's Debut Album Goes Gold!

BTR Gets Acoustic!
Big Time Rush performs 'Boyfriend' for Ryan Seacrest. Watch »

Congratulations are in order for the guys of Nickelodeon's hit boy band Big Time Rush -- their debut album was just certified gold!

James Maslow, Kendall Schmidt, Carlos Pena and Logan Henderson were on hand in Mexico (where they will be spending their weekends performing) to accept their plaques for selling 500,000 copies of Big Time Rush.

With hit songs such as "The City is Ours," "Till I Forget About You," and more, it's no wonder so many people went out and bought this catchy CD!

What's your fave BTR song? Let us know in the comments! 


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  • Devansh

    I guess I had PPD, but didn't think it was that at the time. I kind of felt imprisoned by the baby, and that I had lost all cotornl. My husband who is never very good at knowing what is the right thing to do, wasn't very helpful and we had a group of neighbors that would keep calling him to ask him to come over and drink with them. I ended up really angry at my husband and angry at my neighbors (for the constant calls). Instead of just explaining to my husband that this wasn't appropriate and he needed to be more helpful, I let myself suffer and just explode at my husband every so often. My sister was visiting once from out of state and she had to take the baby outside because I was yelling so much that the baby was getting upset. Having the baby made me feel more helpless for whatever reason. Normally I wouldn't tolerate a situation that caused so much disruption, but I did because I wasn't myself.

  • Ben Amos
    Ben Amos

    I am looking foward to get their new album because i like James Maslow I want James autograph picture and taking pictures with him.

  • Ben Amos
    Ben Amos

    I want big time rush having a concert at Houston, Texas and come down to my girlfriend's birthday in June 2012

  • Carla

    Worldwide is by far the best. They rocked it in mexico, singing in Spanish. Not many boy bands can do this. This makes btr a promising band especially for the future

  • Tatyanna

    Wow gr8 job guys!! That's so awesome and good luck on the new album! Just keep doin what u guys r doin never give up, and so far u guys havnt:)!! We love u guys!!:)

  • Mishell Pandita Love
    Mishell Pandita Love

    wow... they're asome and my ido I♥BTR....^.^...♥.♥

  • sayimsha

    Cool! They're fun, cute, & a nice band for the tweeny girls to obsess over.

  • Jaashi

    So far my face song has 2 be If I Ruled The World because it just gives you the type of confidence to go do what you want and it has the best lyrics. I AM SOOOOO THE #1 BIG TIME RUSH FAN IN THIS ENTIRE UNIVERSE(including the MILKY WAY)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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