Box Office Battle: ’50/50′ vs. ‘What’s Your Number?’ (POLL)

'50/50' NYC Premiere
Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen hit red carpet.
'Number' Premiere!
Chris Evans & Anna Faris on the red carpet.
Our Box Office Battle this week is all about numbers!

On one end, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen and Anna Kendrick team up for 50/50, while on the other end, Anna Faris and Chris Evans lead a star-studded cast in What’s Your Number?

Haven’t decided which one to watch this weekend? Here’s what they’re all about:

50/50 is a dramedy in which JGL’s character, Adam, is suddenly diagnosed with cancer and watches everyone around him deal with the news and his treatment in different ways. Rogen plays Kyle, the best friend who sticks with him through it all, while Kendrick plays Dr. Katherine, Adam’s young and inexperienced therapist.

In What’s Your Number?, Ally (Faris) enlists the help of her neighbor, Colin (Evans), to find her true love by revisiting the last 20 men she had relationships with. Will she find The One?

Both films have created a big buzz for movie-goers, making it hard to choose only one to watch between the two.

However, let’s not forget another film being released today — Dream House! Rachel Weisz, Daniel Craig and Naomi Watts star in the horror film, in which strange things begin happening to a couple (Craig and Weisz) who moves into a new home with their two daughters. Will (Craig) discovers that a family was murdered in the house and enlists the help of Ann (Watts) to uncover the truth about the horrifying events.

Check out the Dream House trailer below!

Which new film are you most excited to watch? Vote in our poll and hit the comments to share with us!