Breaking Down 'Breaking Dawn': The Wedding Scene (VIDEO)

Fellow Twi-fans, we're less than two months away from Breaking Dawn: Part 1 being released, and as Twilight-mania is sure to set in over the coming weeks, we decided to dive deep into the most anticipated scenes the film will have in our new series, Breaking Down Breaking Dawn.

In the first installation, we're laying out everything we know about the sure-to-be-amazing wedding scene. From Bella's dress to the address and time, join us in breaking down the ceremony of the century! If you want to be caught up on every little bit of info there is about the Swan-Cullen nuptials, press play in the video above and sink your teeth in.

Aside from our video, we've also whipped up all of the talk from the cast of Twilight there's been surrounding the wedding scene. What piece of clothing could hottie Ashley Greene not wait to rip off? Who almost cried when Kristen Stewart marched down the aisle with Billy Burke? It's all in the gallery below!



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  • Monthze

    Breakin dawn the best moovie forever

  • Mockingjay

    OH NO U DID NOT JUST COMPARE HUNGER GAMES 2 TWILIGHT?????? it is a crime against nature 2 compare these two movies, they do not not even have anything in common!!!!!!!!!!

  • Corey

    Cultural impact? Lol it's just a bunch of screaming girls who will move on to the next big thing. Every Twitard I know only cares about Twilight when there's a movie in theaters. When there isn't they switch back to The Vampire Diaries or whatever other stupid vampires seducing teenagers thing happens to be popular. Twilight is just bad fanfiction.

  • jen

    unless others can top it up, otherwise this wedding will remain in our memories, forever. The unexplained craziness that sorrounds the whole saga and its stars, that makes it most unique among its contemporaries in HW. No one and nothing can recreate Twilight's cultural impact. Others have tried and even trying__ Ted Casablanca is trying with his HG etchos LOL! BUT, still, no one can stir the pot of controversies like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. So, make way to the wedding of the century, indeed!!

  • Farnoosh Irani
    Farnoosh Irani

    come onnnnnnnnnn it,s just a movieeee.goddddddd

  • Reddgrant

    Wes! Please let this movie come out and be over. Its a movie people you will forget about it soon after it comes out.