Breaking Down ‘Breaking Dawn’: The Wedding Scene (VIDEO)

Steamy 'Dawn' Shoot
Rob and Kristen get naughty on set.
Fellow Twi-fans, we’re less than two months away from Breaking Dawn: Part 1 being released, and as Twilight-mania is sure to set in over the coming weeks, we decided to dive deep into the most anticipated scenes the film will have in our new series, Breaking Down Breaking Dawn.

In the first installation, we’re laying out everything we know about the sure-to-be-amazing wedding scene. From Bella’s dress to the address and time, join us in breaking down the ceremony of the century! If you want to be caught up on every little bit of info there is about the Swan-Cullen nuptials, press play in the video above and sink your teeth in.

Aside from our video, we’ve also whipped up all of the talk from the cast of Twilight there’s been surrounding the wedding scene. What piece of clothing could hottie Ashley Greene not wait to rip off? Who almost cried when Kristen Stewart marched down the aisle with Billy Burke? It’s all in the gallery below!