‘Bridesmaids’ Star Mia Rose Frampton Talks Unedited ‘Longest Argument Ever’

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Bridesmaids is easily one of the best comedies of the year, and this week it finally made its way to DVD. Aside from the hilarious movie itself, there were tons of special features and behind the scenes footage.

One such bonus feature was the “longest argument ever” between Kristen Wiig’s character Annie and a young girl at a jewelry store. The beyond hysterical clip went viral in no time, and with quippy digs like “I bet you vacation in America,” to “You have to be pretty to be a stripper,” it’s not hard to see why.

Celebuzz was able to track down Mia Rose Frampton, the actress who plays the young girl who throws down (quite nicely!) with the Saturday Night Live comedy veteran, and chatted with her about the hilarious scene and much more.

What was it like filming that scene with Kristen Wiig? Did she give you any advice?
It was surreal. It was like a dream come true, since she is my comedic idol. And no she didn’t, we just went straight to work.

How much of that did you come up with on your own?
We started off using the script and then we just went straight to improvising. It went from there and turned into a very long, fun improv session.

What part of the unedited/longer version of the fight makes you laugh most?
Probably the part where Kristen says, “Ok, Alex Tribek.” Just because I remember it was at the end of shooting and we both started to say stuff that was just insane.

How many times did you guys crack up filming this scene? We managed to keep our composure through most of it, but there were a few times where I just couldn’t help myself.

Aside from the fight, what is your favorite part of the film?
I love when Maya Rudolph has an “accident” in the middle of the road.

Why did they decide to film a fight scene that long?
We actually did quite a few takes. It was pieced together like one long scene though.

What was the audition process of getting the part?
I auditioned first for the casting director, and then I met with the director, Paul Feig. About a week later I found out I got the part.

Have you been approached for a Bridesmaids sequel? Would you want to be in it if they made one?
They haven’t, but if they did, I would be more than willing to reprise my role.

What’s your fave Kristen Wiig Saturday Night Live character?
All of them are great, but I have to say Gilly.


Any other SNL actors you’d want to work with?
SNL is one of my favorite shows, so I’d die to work with anyone on the show.

Do you have any upcoming projects? If so, what can you tell us about them?
At the moment no, just going on auditions, training and waiting for my next lucky break.