Flashback Friday: Baby Prince William & Harry Playing The Piano (VIDEO)

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Who knew that Prince William and his little bro Prince Harry were little music makers? Well, sort of…

Before Will’s fantasy wedding to Kate Middleton, before his little brother became a global heartthrob, they were just two adorable little tots growing up as normally as they could in the public eye. Like all little kids, when perched in front of a piano, they banged at the keys with wild abandon!

In this vintage clip from 1985, the two young princes show of their skills, while their father Prince Charles helps out from the sidelines by making faces to entertain the kids. Mom Diana practically glows as she sits next to her boys posing for pictures.

Just like any other children would, the princes climb around under tables, flop on the floor, and squirm out of their parent’s arms. While they are a bit rowdy at times, they also show how sweet they can be as William kisses his brother on the head and helps his mom put on makeup.