Justin Theroux’s Bike Found Covered in Bologna, According to Neighbor

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“Phony bologna” is the phrase that comes to mind when hearing about this prank! The New York Post is reporting that Justin Theroux’s motorcycle was found outside Jennifer Aniston’s NYC home covered in deli meat!

A neighbor reportedly spotted the bike early Thursday morning with 25 slices of “what clearly was bologna” on the motorcycle seat, wheels, handlebars, muffler and engine. By 8 a.m., the vehicle was all cleaned up. “I got the impression it was some weird message, like, ‘You’re full of bologna,’ ” the neighbor told the Post. “The bike was in otherwise in fine condition.”

So who could be behind this prank? Hollywood prankster George Clooney, one of Justin’s Tropic Thunder friends? No one has been identified as of yet but who do you think is the bologna culprit? Play detective in the comments!

According to Jen’s neighbors, her beau’s bike has been spotted outside her residency nearly every night over the past few weeks. When the actress’ rep was asked about the bologna bike by the Post, they responded, “There are paparazzi outside their apartment 24/7. Don’t you think they would have photographed the person doing it, if indeed this actually happened, which I do not know for sure.”