Kris Jenner Gets Emotional on 'The Talk' While Discussing Marriage (VIDEO)

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Is marriage all it's cracked up to be? That was the question on The Talk today and Kris Jenner got emotional when discussing her marriages to Robert Kardashian and Bruce Jenner

Kris got on the topic when talking about how she does wants daughter Kourtney to marry Scott Disick.

"Even though it's just a piece of paper, I feel like God puts us in the position where everything happens for a reason," Kris said Friday. "I was blessed to have two amazing relationships. I was married to Robert Kardashian, he passed away...I was married to Robert for 13 years and I have been married to Bruce for 20."

"I feel like the most blessed woman in the world and God gave me Bruce to take over for Robert when Robert passed away," Kris said while a picture of Robert flashed on the screen. "I can't even look at that picture without getting emotional."

"I just feel so lucky and I want my kids to experience the same thing," continued Kris. "I love them so much, they are completely two different want your children to experience that kind of love."

Check out the clip below and hear Sara Gilbert open up about her relationship for the first time as well.



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  • Lorena Smith
    Lorena Smith

    thanks Kris you done a great job on the show today . i think every mom likes to have there gals get married. scott is a great partner and an excellent dad. i am tired of everyone putting scott down .every relationship has its ups and downs. i hope kourt marries before mason goes to school. children can be very mean to children who have unwed parents.i have heard it in school yards.scott has tried but i am sure kourt loves scott but i hate to say this but kourt is stubborn.kris i am sure it will happen. love you all your oldest fan . love you scott and keep trying. lorena smith

  • Joy Mcbridej
    Joy Mcbridej

    Show is not the same without Holly and Lisa

  • Nicole

    i can't stand this pimp, she has no morals & all she cares about is padding her wallet. Funny thing is, I use to like her because the money & fame have gone to her head! call it hater/jealous, doesn't mean a hill of beans to me, I speak the truth!