Marianas Trench Reveals Katy Perry Crush, Meeting Justin Bieber & the Downside of Groupies! (VIDEO)

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Canadian rockers Marianas Trench have found success in their homeland, now they’re ready for a US invasion!

Guitarist Matt Webb spoke with Celebuzz about their new video (watch above), celebrity crushes, meeting fellow Canadian musician Justin Bieber — and the downside of groupies!

Can you explain the name Marianas Trench?
To be honest with you, we were looking through a book of band names and all the other names were taken. We were like, ‘U2? Nope. Coldplay? Occupied.’ So, Marianas Trench [was born]. (Editor’s note: The the Mariana Trench is the deepest part of the Ocean. You learned something today. Check that off your list)

How do you guys get together to from the band?
That was through a singles online dating site. Who knew we all played music too?

We presume all Canadian musicians know each other, so you’ve met Justin Bieber then?
I’ve met that guy. I know his guitar player really well. Bieber was a nice guy. He was a short kid.

Well, he’s still growing.
He looked like he may have peaked, actually.

Would you ever do a cover of a Bieber song?

The new single is a little more pop than punk. Can you explain the change?
The sound of the band is growing. We try not to recreate what we’ve done in the past. We’re just trying to evolve and stay current.

Who came up with the concept for the “Haven’t Had Enough” video?
I don’t quite know what the video means, but it looks cool. Our record is called Ever After (out November 21) and it has a bit of a fairy tale theme to it. The video is a bit chaotic, but we wanted to show the transition from normal life into this fantasy world.

What was your favorite era?
My favorite costume was the pirate. We got to dress up as weird pirates, although those outfits were incredibly itchy in all the wrong places.

So, they were authentic.
[Laughs] Yes, very authentic. I think it’s more like they’ve been worn by thousands of movie extras over the years and washed very minimally.

Who is your celebrity crush?
I’m a huge Katy Perry fan … I think she’s ridiculously hot. I want to tour with her, that would be fun.

Any good groupie stories?
We had a hilarious carload of fans that were following us around on this last tour we did. They were following us around in their car every night. It was really funny because they first day they were all full of energy and excited, showered and smelled nice. Then the next day their physical appearance degraded slightly. By the end of the week, after these four girls had been sleeping in their car — they ran out of clean clothes, ran out of food and money — they looked like they were in tears at the concert and was really funny for us to watch. We’ve done that kind of stuff in the past on tour, and we know how s****y it is. That was quite amusing.