Patrick Schwarzenegger Slams Cops for Releasing Speeding Ticket Info

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When you’re the son of the former governor of California and a member of the Kennedy clan, people are going to be interested in your life, but it seems that for Patrick Schwarzenegger it’s gone too far.

After TMZ reported that the 18-year-old received a speeding ticket while driving in his dad Arnold Schwarzenegger’s car in Santa Monica, he found out that the police had released information about the ticket to the news outlet.

Patrick tweeted:

“Give me your opinions… Corrupt or not? the police station releases info on my ticket and gives the information to TMZ… I think it is.”

We think that it seems rather inappropriate, but wanted to get YOUR responses.

What do you guys think? Do you think that the police were right in giving out the information about Patrick’s ticket? Or should they have respected Patrick’s privacy? Sound off in the comments!