Robert Pattinson Flaunts His Beard in Toronto (PHOTOS)

Rob's Sexiest Looks
The British hottie sure knows how to work it!
Apparently when Robert Pattinson heads north of the border, it brings out his inner lumberjack.

Pattinson was spotted Thursday afternoon leaving a production studio in Toronto rocking a sweet beard that he’s been working on over the last week. He’s in Canada to do post-production work for his upcoming movie Cosmopolis, and judging by his lack of shaving, it seems he didn’t have to do any reshoots — or if he did, they were scenes where he was rocking some major facial hair.

Pattinson was also seen earlier this week looking scruffy.

Meantime, Pattinson is less than two months away from the release of Breaking Dawn: Part 1, and the coming weeks are sure to be packed with publicity, travel and a whole lot of interviews. Think he’ll keep up the beard until then for a grizzly Twilight press tour? Should he? Let us know what you think of Rob’s beard in the comments!