Taylor Lautner Sings on National TV! (Video)

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Move over, Robert Pattinson! Looks like Taylor Lautner can belt a tune, too!

While promoting his latest flick Abduction, Taylor was put on the spot during El Hormiguero and asked to sing a tune! He was a great sport about it and decided to follow the host's lead who lead the song while playing an acoustic guitar. The crowd shrieked in excitement as he sang along. So how do you think he did? Does Pattinson have some competition? Sound off in the comments.

Fellow Twilight star, Rob performed an original song last year in London at Songs for a Room.

“I don’t know what to say, I haven’t played in a long time,” says Rob, always so modest, as he introduces himself adding he think he will “f–k” it up.

Celebuzz highly disagrees! Listen to the song right here.



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  • Peyton

    I think taylor's not a bad singer he is pretty good,but I think if he did a song he knew backwards and front he could really rock my world,not that he doesn't already but he didn't know that song at all I mean I never even heard of that song before. So I'd give him a 7 out of 10, I'd love to hear him sing a song he knew really well! Love taylor lots and lots!!

  • Alicia

    My mother language is spanish and I know very well the song that TAYLOR DANIEL LAUTNER was singing in the spanish program, I would says he is very humble to say that he is not god for sing, He really does it pretty well :-) LOVE YOU TAYLOR LAUTNER, YOU ARE JUST AMAZING, HOW MANY TALENTS YO HAVE !!

  • Amy

    Robert should bring out an album.... Seriously his voice is so amazing i would be the first one to have it <333

  • eRelinque

    Actually, El Hormiguero is a spanish tv programme

  • nameless

    Wow robert you sound really good and like im on team jacob good work

  • courtneybaaaby

    my husband sounds great, love you sweetie <3

  • Amanda Themis
    Amanda Themis

    The video of Taylor singing wont work

  • Amanda Themis
    Amanda Themis

    I love hearing Robert Pattson sing... but I cant get Taylors to work..