The Latest on Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher Split Rumors (PHOTOS)

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While Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher remain mum on Ashton’s alleged infidelity, rumors continue to swirl in the wake of their silence. Star magazine reported that Kutcher cheated on Demi in San Diego last weekend with a woman named Sara Leal, and photos of the two partying together surfaced shortly after.

Aside from cryptic tweets, we don’t know much about where Demi and Ashton stand. Here is a wrap up of the latest rumors that have hit the web Friday:

Twitter split: According to Radar, Demi and Ashton — the king and queen of twitter — essentially broke up on the social media site. Kutcher stopped following Demi, and then she stopped following him for a period of time, only recently adding him back to her “follow” list. Do actions speak louder than words?

Kabbalah Counseling: Entertainment Tonight reports the couple went to intense counseling over the summer to try and repair their marriage. ET reported Demi is “sad, hurt and embarrassed” by Ashton’s behavior.

Witnesses: New reports circulating allege that Sarah Leal’s girlfriends were in attendance in Ashton’s hotel room in San Diego.

Still Together?: Ashton was photographed still wearing his wedding ring in Los Angeles on Thursday. 

What do you think Celebuzz readers? Are you holding out hope the cheating allegations really are just nasty rumors?