'Twilight' Singing Showdown: Taylor Lautner vs. Robert Pattinson vs. Kristen Stewart (POLL)

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Who knew the cast of Twilight was so musically inclined?

After some footage of Taylor Lautner singing on the popular Spanish show El Hormiguero surfaced, this got us thinking about his co-stars' vocal chops! We all know that Robert Pattinson sang not one but two tracks in the original Twilight, but Kristen Stewart also belted out some hit Joan Jett songs for The Runaways.

So, we want to know -- who do YOU think is the best Twilight singer?

Check out the videos, then cast your vote in the poll!





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  • sydsouth

    * Taylor cuz i love him. * HAHA

  • katia

    Rob wins...I love his voice, but I also like Kristen voice.

  • katia

    Rob wins...I love his voice, but I also like Kristen voice.

  • katia

    Rob wins...I love is voice, but I also like Kristen voice.

  • Amanda Themis
    Amanda Themis

    I heard all three..What can I say..They were al good in their own way but by far I believe Robs got this one...

  • celebluver101

    Taylor, He is EPIC :)

  • vanna


  • Jacqui Ethridge Van Tassel
    Jacqui Ethridge Van Tassel

    Courtneybaaby, what do you have against rats? My daughter has a pet rat that is too cute!

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    Rob sounds amazing singing < haven heard the other two so i guess iM bias on this topic *shrugs*

  • Camila Camil Camil
    Camila Camil Camil

    I like three but I love rob!!!!!!!!


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