‘Modern Family’ Star Ty Burrell Performs and Puckers Up In ‘7 Minutes In Heaven’ (VIDEO)

Red Hot Sofia!
Sofia Vergara looks ravishing in red.
Looks like Claire Dunphy may have to keep a closer eye on Phil! Modern Family funnyman Ty Burrell joined Saturday Night Live writer Mike O’Brien in the latest webisode installment of 7 Minutes In Heaven–and of course the usual awkward hijinks ensued.

During the “closet theater” segments, Ty and Mike played brothers reacting to the memory of their deceased father, a former professional clown. Then, they hilariously recreated scenes from A Few Good Men’s infamous courtroom monologues. The interview provided even more laughs during a sexually-charged health questionnaire, and while discussing Modern Family’s unconventional storylines and child adoption.

And with the title 7 Minutes In Heaven, the pair had to end the show with an inevitable kiss. How did Ty and Mike’s lip-lock compare with the others? Click and watch the video to find out!

September has definitely been a good month for Ty. He recently won Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series at the 2011 Emmy Awards, and Modern Fam is certainly living up to its hype. The show took top honors at the Emmys for Best Comedy Series, and season three debuted to record-setting ratings. Ty will also be featured alongside David Duchovny, Keri Russell and Vera Fermiga in the upcoming film Goats opening later this year.

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