10 Things You Don’t Know About ’50/50′ Star Joseph Gordon-Levitt (PHOTOS)

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It was only a few years ago that everyone was scratching their heads at the name Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Maybe a light bulb would go off when someone would rattle off, ‘You know the kid with the long hair who was on 3rd Rock From The Sun,’ or ‘He was the other, other guy in 10 Things I Hate About You’. But, with his recent string of hits (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, 500 Days of Summer and Inception), the former child star has become someone to be reckoned with in Hollywood.

This time he teams up with funnyman Seth Rogen to tell the tale of a man who comes to terms with cancer in 50/50 which hit the box office on Friday. To celebrate the release, Celebuzz conjured up a few facts to help you get to know the talented actor. Click on the gallery to learn 10 fact about Joseph Gordon you probably don’t know!

JGL started out his acting career at the ripe old age of six doing commercials before booking a string of television shows that led to a semi-steady stint in the early 90s hit sitcom Roseanne. After his very own successful show ended in 2001, the then 20-year-old actor decided to remove himself from the industry and enrolled into college.

Fearing turning into another forgotten child star, Joseph came back into the business, but this time it was to make his mark in film. After struggling to get roles, he went into the indie route and engulfed himself in roles like 2004’s Mysterious Skin and 2005’s critically acclaimed detective movie Brick. The slim stud went mainstream in 2007 with the post-war drama Stop-Loss.

Joseph’s currently riding the waves of his huge success and is once again teaming up with director Christopher Nolan for the final chapter in the rebooted Batman series, The Dark Knight Rises

Watch the trailer for 50/50 below. Will you be flocking to the theaters to see this comedy? Let us know in the comments!