Sneak Peak: New 'Victorious,' 'iCarly' & 'Supah Ninjas,' Episode Clips Before Tonight's Premiere! (VIDEO)

If you're a Nickelodeon fan, then you're in for three treats on Saturday! To kick-off the month of October, Nickelodeon is premiering new episodes of Victorious, iCarly and Supah Ninjas!

On Victorious, Tori’s favorite teacher is falling apart and it’s all her fault!  After the kids take Sikowitz to the theater to celebrate his ten-year teaching anniversary, the play Tori selects sends him into a deep depression.  Can Tori pull him out of his funk, or did she ruin him forever?

Right before Victorious premieres, there's a new iCarly! After meeting a super hot and ultra smart guy, Carly goes on a mission to prove she has the smarts to be his new girlfriend.  Does she have what it takes to pass the ultimate test or will she cheat her way to an A+?  Find out in the premiere! Until then, check out this clip!

Last but not least, Bust a move with the Supah Ninjas as they get down to the tunes of DJ Elephant Head! Mike and Amanda take Owen to a concert hosted by their favorite deejay -- but when DJ Elephant Head turns out to be a thief using the concert as a cover to steal a priceless diamond from a nearby museum, it’s up to Owen to wake up in order to save his classmates and catch DJ Elephant Head. Check out the clip below!



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  • ebony

    I dont see how anyone can like this stupid shit. I hate I carly and Victorious. Niick jyust doesnt have goood shows anymore. They used to have good show like Kwnan and Kel, The Amanda Show, Figure it out, and Cousin Skeeter. The actong is terrible. Nick and Disney hasgotten worse its just not real the cating is fake to me. Im glad I dont watch Nick and Disney anymore. Yall are crazy to watch this filth.

  • merrelle big fan
    merrelle big fan

    i just wanted to say that can't wait to see victorious , icarly and super ninja all together i one big serie just in nickolodeon and victorious i want to say that i want to be like you when i am older


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