Hollywood’s Latest Weight Loss Secret: Xtend Barre!

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After Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis slimmed down for Black Swan, fans from all around the world have been searching for their weight loss secrets. Now those hoping to tone and get lean should look no further than Xtend Barre workouts, which have catapulted ballet into the most talked about fitness method to provide a sleek physique.

Celebuzz caught up with Xtend Barre founder, Andrea Rogers, to talk about Hollywood’s latest workout trend and how women (even with busy schedules) can fit this fitness routine into their lives.

Xtend Barre is one of the hottest celeb fitness trends right now. What makes it different than other workouts?

Dance and ballet are quickly moving into mainstream pop culture with the growing popularity of shows such as Dancing with the Stars and movies such as Black Swan. Ballet not only produces amazing, graceful posture, but our clients actually have fun doing it—it’s quick, and garners REAL, noticeable results in as little as three sessions. I’ve seen the bodies of die-hard fitness junkies and Pilates instructors literally transform when they start to add Xtend Barre to their workout curriculum. People love the idea of a long & lean physique, but ballet dancers actually build tremendous strength as well by engaging the smaller muscles of your body in addition to the big ones.

For women on the go, what’s the best way to incorporate this workout?

Classes are offered in 70 locations around the globe including the US, as well as Paris, London, Brazil and even Dubai! But for women who are traveling and don’t have time to make it to a live Xtend Barre class, our Xtend Barre DVD provides a effective full body chisel and stretch in 55 minutes. All you need is a chair and light hand weights.

Why do you think so many celebs are loving this workout right now?

Not only is Xtend Barre an excellent “plateau” busting workout allowing those stubborn areas to tone, women are busy and we don’t have time to attend numerous classes to obtain a full body workout. We want an efficient and effective workout that will get the job done. With Xtend Barre, you are in and out in less than an hour with cardio, strength training, stretch and mind-body elements in every workout. You no longer need to go to the gym to get your cardio workout on top of your other classes. You get a full body chisel and you’re also able to channel your inner ballerina!

How many minutes a day do you recommend woman use this workout?

Xtend Barre classes are 55 minutes but if you are short on time you can easily squeeze any Xtend Barre exercises into your every day routine. I’m a new mom, and I love to do my floor seat work while watching TV at night, or I do my lower body standing work while waiting for a bottle to warm. You can take the Xtend Barre workout and do it anywhere!

If I’ve never done ballet, will it be difficult to pick up?

One of our taglines is “no tutus required”. You do not need any dance experience or even coordination to benefit from the Xtend Barre workout. Most of our clients have no previous experience or have tried dance as a young girl but have not danced in years. They leave class saying they feel graceful, pretty and toned!

Who are some of your celebrity clients. What do they love most about the workout?

From Oscar winning movie stars, to Grammy winning musicians and some of the most recognized soap stars, many of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood use Xtend Barre. Some of the more notable names that have been attracted to the ballet workout are Natalie Portman, Drew Barrymore & Ginnifer Goodwin, who love the technique because it provides a total body workout… without adding bulk, which is crucial for that slim silhouette that’s so desired in the industry.

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