Meet the All-Star Cast of 'New Year's Eve' (PHOTOS)

New Year’s Eve, a romantic comedy directed by Garry Marshall (Pretty Woman) includes a seriously star studded cast like you have never seen before. The set-up is very similar to Valentine’s Day, also directed by Marshall, in that there are many different stories within the movie.

We have Ashton Kutcher (who also starred in V-Day) playing a pessimist, Glee gal Lea Michele making her film debut, Zac Efron playing a bike-messenger, and rapper Ludacris playing a cop ... to name a few. There are so many A-listers in New Year’s Eve, it is hard to keep track of them! We break it down for you in 5-4-3-2-1, meet your NYE cast! 

From a pregnant Jessica Biel to Katherine Heigl smacking down Jon Bon Jovi, let’s see if you can keep track of all the celebs. New Year’s Eve hits theaters on December 9. Will you check it out? Sound off in the comments and check out the trailer below!



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  • Ricky

    I was really srirupsed at how craptacular this was. The X server was annoying, but the fact that the desktop version wouldn't even boot a ThinkPad was hard to take. I didn't even get to the X server. As I say, RedHat and Mandrake had this worked out in 1998 or earlier. X is something I could probably have worked through, but I stopped worrying about it when I realized I had the server version installed. And it's not like I have found an XF86 config that work on my FreeBSD system and the flat-panel display it came with. I don't need it to display on localhost, so it's no big deal. A laptop, however . . . . What other distro can you recommend? My initial reason to try linux was for the perceived better hardware support. But, you know, wow. This really makes me think a little more about my reasoning there.

  • Sarah Araujo
    Sarah Araujo

    omg omg omg.... my omg can go on forever!!! I love this cast... from Zac Efron to Lea Michelles to Katherine Heigl. I cant wait to see this film and hopefully go to the preimere!!!!

  • celebluver101

    Oh Lea Michelle :) Good on her!

  • Teuta

    From the cast alone, this looks like it will make a billion dollars!

  • Keyes

    Jessica Biel is incredibly gorgeous. I love her. She’s amazing. That woman is incredible. There’s a lovely gentleness and sweetness to her.

  • Merson

    Love Katherine Heigl, very attractive and sexy.

  • Saunders

    According to IMDB and Wikipedia, Carla Gugino, Sienna Miller, Sara Paxton, Greg Kinnear, Cam Gigandet, Shaquille O’Neal, Meg Ryan, John Stamos, Julie Andrews, Frankie Muniz, John Lithgow and Ice Cube are all in this film as well but have not been shown in the trailers or the photos so far.

  • Danny McGavin
    Danny McGavin

    Sofia Vergara is voluptuous, gorgeous, sexy and beautiful. Colombian perfection doesn't get much purer than her.