Amanda Knox Wins Appeal, Celebrities React on Twitter (PHOTOS)

Amanda Knox is a free woman. After spending nearly four years in jail, the Seattle student won her appeal in Perugia, Italy. The ruling was overturned on Monday and Amanda, who was initially convicted of murdering her roommate while studying abroad and sentenced to 26 years imprison, is expected to head home today.

Twitter blew up with reactions about the verdict. Here is what the celebs are saying about the conviction being overturned:

The majority of the twitterverse seems to be happy that Amanda is free.

“So happy Amanda Knox is free. My heart goes out to her , her family and Meredith Kercher’s family” Kyle Richards said.

“Amanda Knox guilty verdict OVERTURNED. Wow. What do you guys think about this?” posted Nancy Grace.

So readers: what do you think of the ruling?