Anthony Mackie Isn’t Afraid of Fighting Against Co-Star Ryan Gosling at the Box Office

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The Gangster Squad set must be teeming with tension, as co-stars Ryan Gosling and Anthony Mackie are set to battle for box office glory this Friday!

Gosling’s political drama The Ides of March is a strong contender against Mackie’s Real Steel. Both films are set to hit theaters simultaneously. Mackie, who also joined Gosling for 2006’s Half Nelson, tells Celebuzz that he’s not afraid of going head-to-head with the Hollywood hunk.

“I already texted him, ‘Sorry about your press day,'” jokes Mackie at the Real Steel press junket, ‘”Sorry you wasted your time!'”

When asked if the films will clash, Mackie replies, “No, not at all. I feel it reaches completely different audiences.”

In fact, Mackie has no ill will towards RyGos — the actor only has nice words to say about his co-star!

“Ryan and I work together really well,” he tells us, “When I work with Ryan, I bring something to the table and he brings something to the table. We have the ability to improv and make it work. It’s not so much ego. I guess it’s because he’s Canadian. He doesn’t really have an ego like that.”

Mackie also reassures us that there’s no bad blood between him and Gosling on the Gangster Squad set.

“It’s been a great process. I would be very surprise if that movie doesn’t turn out to be a great movie!”

Real Steel and The Ides of March hit theaters October 7.