Cover Wars: Which Kristen Stewart Do You Prefer? (POLL)


Kristen Stewart graces the cover of British GQ and US Glamour and rocks two gorgeous, but different looks.

GQ has a very 70's feel to it, with Kristen sporting an adorable two-piece. In Glamour, Stewart definitely nails the "girl next door" type look, going casual in jeans and a tube top.

Glamour probably is a bit closer to Kristen's personal style- but we love the styling of GQ too!

What do you say readers: which cover do you prefer?



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  • ellen17

    she is gorgeous in both, and if u don't agree ur just jealous that u can never be as beautiful and as talented as her!

  • Whattheheck!

    Yeah, I chose to ignore idiots and their comments. This young lady is extremely beautiful both with make up on or no make up. Jealous is unbecoming....can you say the same about yourself in the mirror. I DARE SAY NOT! Haters go take a bath

  • angel2317

    She looks beautiful on both

  • Cristina Kozain
    Cristina Kozain

    I love Kristen like everything she does, the two are incredible! Kristen is beautiful and naturally beautiful ........... I want more .....

  • Monica pichardo
    Monica pichardo

    I like both. They are different that is the point

  • kikay

    She's beautiful in both,very unique and classic beauty,she's like a chameleon,you can turn her to whatever you want her to be.

  • KristenFan

    Hmmm...I see some jealous harpies here.I wanna ask you guys a question-If you don't like her,then why are viewing her pics? Just so you can say that she's emotionless,unattractive blahblah,right? I guess that makes you feel better about yourself.Anyways I'm just gonna focus on postivity and say Kristen looks gorgeous on both the covers and past few days have rockin for us Kristen fans with all these pics and interviews coming o

  • Lemmy

    Am I missing something? You're excusing your irrational dislike by deliberately mistaking subtlety of expression for lack of emotion. I'm sure if she smiled more, people would criticise her teeth instead. And the "uneducated" insult was uncalled for - that was just being mean for the sake of it.

  • kvaughn75

    I'm going to ignore the hate spewed here and say that's a tough question. I love the retro glamour of GQ (btw that's not a bathing suit - it's a bra and knickers per @courtjustice) but I don't like her hair and dark lipstick. I prefer the make up Jillian Dempsey did and softer, more natural hair on the Glamour cover. I don't think Glamour picked the right photo however. The one in the Gucci outfit should have been the cover. In the end she's gorgeous either way.

  • katie

    you need to look up the definition of excuse. What are we supposed to be excusing? It would be more accurate to describe defences of her as excuses. Saying she seems to have a lack of emotion, or at least a hard time expressing them isn't an excuse, it's an observation. Are all her fans so uneducated?

  • Allie

    Is neither not an option?

  • LaCroix

    Both very bad covers.. the Glamour one looks like she has no arm, the GQ one her bottoms are wrinkly & big on her her expression in the same in EVERY photo she takes.. only her "fans" appreciate her.. her 5 minutes of fame will be over as soon as Twilight is done.. Sorry I don't have anything against this girl or dislike her but she is very boring acting wise & overall look wise, just horrible.. & for those who think that she's not trying to PR herself to death before Twilight is over..wake up she needs all the covers she can get..

  • nina

    wow... so her PR team wants make her look like a sex toy now?? I'm shocked she's all for it! But, EAT THAT Kristen fans!! You people were all like "oh, look at this girl or the other girl, photographed for men's magazines, Kristen would never do that, she's an ARTIST!!!" Well, look at THAT art now!! LOL! Sex toy, sex toy, sex toy!! just like every other Hollywood starlet out there!! tsk tsk tsk...

  • Elisha

    Dying from laughing at this people who are making excuses that Kristen is emotionless. LOLOLOLOLOL....You're just all jealous. Admit it.

  • Megrobsessed95

    dude relax,she's just doing promo for Breaking dawn, because she won't be avaliable to do all Breaking dawns promos. She's still the same person,maybe more mature, but i don't think she will be like typical hollywood girls

  • kelly

    I think she looks good on both but I think that its too much. 3 mags covers in 2 months with possibly a few more. Its making her seem like just another young actress trying to get her picture taken. It is making her common instead of unique and different like she has always been. While its nice to see her, as a PR person myself I think this might be the wrong move and might backfire. Over exposure often does. I hope not, but it worries me.

  • Liam

    I love both covers, but in my opinion, I prefe GQ UK. She is hot!

  • yashi1387

    seriously that lame excuse about Kristen being emotionless is getting really really old , sometimes i think its you people that cant recognize emotions

  • Mee

    I love both covers, she's so beautiful.

  • Leo

    GQ UK more incredible beautiful

  • fa23

    What different looks, she still has an emotionless face.


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