‘Dance Moms’ Queen Bee Abby Lee Miller Responds to Criticisms About Her Teaching Style (VIDEO)

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If you haven’t seen Dance Moms, you’re missing one of the most dramatic new reality shows on TV!

The series — set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the Abby Lee Dance Company — follows young girls as they start their careers and the stage moms who support them. To illustrate the methodology behind the studio, there’s a poster on the wall that reads “If you make a mistake, admit it, learn from it and NEVER repeat it!” It’s often a case of tough love meets doting moms that often leads to all out confrontation.

Celebuzz has a clip from the upcoming season finale, plus we talked to Dance diva Abby Lee Miller about some of the criticisms she’s received for her teaching methods. 

How do you pick your girls? Can anyone come and join your studio?
Yes, please come! The studio we offer all levels of classes for all ages. We hold auditions for the competition team later near the end of the year. But the school and the competition team are two separate things.

Some choreographers have criticized your teaching style as being too harsh, what is your reaction to this criticism?
Well, it’s my goal to create amazing employable dancers. That’s different from just being an amazing dancer. I’m tough on my students so professional choreographers won’t have to be. They’re on time, they are prepared, they have their heels, they have their music…they can do whatever it takes. That’s why they continue working because they are amazing dancers. It should be a joy to hire one of my students.

What is your experience? How did you get into competitions and start the studio?
Obviously my mother was my teacher. I traveled to dance conventions every summer. She’d take classes from the pioneers in our industry and the most influential dance teachers.

After watching the show, is there anything you’ve said or done that you regret or wish played out differently?
No, just my hair. My hair is always different and its always bad and I have really good hair but always looks like crap. I don’t know why camera men can’t be taller to shoot down on me.

Will there be a season two?
We’re very excited; I just don’t know how we can work with the snow in Pittsburgh. It’s like 20 below zero!

Dance Moms season finale is Wednesday, October 5.

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