Jennifer Aniston in Tears At Breast Care Center Visit (PHOTOS)

Jennifer Aniston has plenty to be happy about these days - among them a relationship with actor Justin Theroux that only seems to be getting better by the hour.

Still, the Emmy-winning Friends beauty was reduced to tears Monday afternoon during a visit to the soon-to-be-opened Breast Care Center at the Inova Alexandria Hospital in Alexandria, Virginia.

Jen, who was joined in a roundtable discussion by Jill Biden and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, was visibly overcome with emotion as she listened to stories from a number of breast cancer survivors, and was snapped by cameras as she wiped tears away from her eyes.

According to reports, Jen will also hold an advance screening of the Lifetime anthology movie, Five, later tonight. Five is a series of five short films that chronicle the effects of breast cancer on various people.

Five premieres Mon., Oct. 10 at 9PM on Lifetime, as part of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

See photos from Jen's tear-filled visit now.



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  • John347

    Very nice site!

  • Montana

    Angela, is that u saying those horrible things about Jen? Or horrors, Brad! Shame on you guys! Get a life! Whatever lives u both have is so messy and u know u cannot get out of it ever! Must be extremely boring, so u just have to call somebody else boring!

  • tahoegeminii

    OMG!! that is the same fake poser look with the dead fish hands at her face she has used in EVERY freaking boring movie she has ever done-that was her face throughout the whole hideous movie "the good girl" why isn't she at the hospital her mother is in-how superficial this poser loser is-she is promoting herself and using breast cancer as a photo opp-if she WAS a true compassionate person she wouldn't leave her mom to rot after a stroke-while she paints the town in NY trying to "act" compassionate at lush charity auctions and her "directing debut" for the lifetime PSA -this is the only "directing" gig the loser could get-for charity- and she was desperate to launch herself as a director because of her jealousy over Angelina and her well acclaimed actual movie about something meaningful "Blood and Honey" and of course if anyone says that -they are the horrible person because "it's all for breast cancer" -and now she is trying to prove she isn't boring by broadcasting she threw a chair at a director-if it was interesting she wouldn't have to be the one to go around shouting it from the rooftops-hey Anustain-you ARE BORING!!! and everyone knows it-Brad didn't even say it and you are throwing out an all out assault on him and seething over it-I thought she was over Brad-doesn't act like it

  • Marieka

    Jen is a marvellous, responsible and sweet person ! Go girl !!!

  • foxyknoxy

    She's probably looking at these photos of her crying, and crying.

  • foxyknoxy

    Jen is always crying. She's probably somewhere crying right now.