Katy Perry and Russell Brand Grab Lunch in West Hollywood (PHOTOS)

And now for a couple we haven't seen in a little while: On Sunday, Katy Perry and Russell Brand were spotted grabbing lunch together at Swingers in West Hollywood, CA.

The California Gurls singer matched her new pink hair with a loose-fitting green dress and sandals, while her comedian husband wore a vest, a black tank that read "Herion killed the radio star" by Sober is Sexy and distressed jeans.

Katy and Russell are set to celebrate their first year anniversary later this month, on Oct. 23.

Check out photos of the couple now.



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  • Jonathan Labrecque
    Jonathan Labrecque

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  • ebony

    Russel Brand is so damn ugly. Russell looks so dman gothic. Katy Perry is ugly too. Katy Perry dress lokks horiible. Katy hair looks afunky mess. Katy Perry is a damn fool to marry someone as ugly as Russel and she cant sing worth of shit.

  • Marcelina

    Katy Perry has an amazing figure. I just love her curves. She’s so shapely. She’s a great example to women around the country.

  • James Kragen
    James Kragen

    Katy Perry is voluptuous, gorgeous, sexy and beautiful. I love her. She’s a really sweet girl. She’s amazing. That woman is incredible. Now she has to drop that ugly old horse’s ass husband of hers, Russell Brand. It is unfortunate that she is as attractive as she is misguided with her poor taste in men. She should be with someone around her age not a guy who obviously can’t handle women around his age.