Kristen Stewart Reveals Her First Celebrity Crush! (PHOTOS)

If you weren't already dying over Kristen Stewart's stunning shoot for Glamour, check out this behind-the-scene's video of the Twilight star. Holy legs! 

Stewart answers a few of the magazine's burning questions, including who her first celebrity crush was....

"Harrison Ford is a real good example of, like, that man," Kristen answers. "I like watching him say 'My wife, my family, my wife, my family.'"

Hey, we kinda see the similarity between Harrison and boyfriend Robert Pattinson. Totally approve!

"I think if I could read any person's mind it would be my cat- because he can't talk to me," laughs Kristen when asked whose mind she would read if she could a la Edward Cullen. "The Pets. The pets would be good to be on some wavelength with because I always think they are talking to me and I'm just crazy."

We're sure by pets, she is throwing Bear in there also- the dog she and Rob rescued together. 

As for what K.Stew does during her free time? She reveals her obsession with a certain singer:

"If Jenny Lewis played everything she's ever done I would get fired off any job to go see that, I don't care what I'm doing."

For more candid confessions check out the video!



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  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

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  • ohoohoh

    shes ugly in all you retard

  • ohoohoh

    um you need to wake up. she is not pretty she is ugly. you are an idiot plus yeah actually i do have sex appeal.

  • angel2317

    aww she's so cute cant wait for her movies

  • poetri

    I totally agree with you cc, robert pattinson and kristen stewart stay together-together, I think there are some people who comment on this post who hate robert pattinson and kristen stewart.

  • CC

    Omg. I really thought we've all gotten over this "she's emotion less," "he dumped her/she dumped him," and "its only for PR" shite... When they are together you haters say its PR, when they aren't you say the have broken up. WTH??? Why does it have to be either? Just leave them alone and go on with your own sad little lives. And as for all the magazine shoots she's doing now, its BREAKING DAWN PROMO. With every premiere the main cast goes on a LOT of magazines. Why is this time so different? The point is, she and Rob are still together. No, he wasn't her trump card because was acting way before that (in fact, she isn't his either) and no she isn't emotion less. She's one of the best actresses of her time, your just blinded by hate to actually see it...

  • chintami

    one of another coments its very ridiculous, i think the one of you didn't like robert and kristen stewart together. so please dont make gossip ok

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    flawless !! ..lovin this photo shoot < my Glamour mag better not get lost in the mail o_O

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    genius suggestion !! & reply as well (=

  • Melissa

    Hope they don't have her wear an ugly dress to the premier.....every year they have her wearisome bizarre dress and shoes she can barely walk eclipse !

  • Kitty

    noo i just think shes coming into her womanhood. duh! she wont change she's grounded in who she is. thats why shes the best!

  • Suzanne

    While Ive always really liked Kristen, Im not sure how I feel about all of these mag covers. I think it cheapens her image in some way and makes her seem more like every other Hollywood starlet. She was always so different, so unique now here she is being like every other young actress just trying to get sexy pictures out there. Dont get me wrong she looks great I just think its too much and she needs to dial it back. I preferred it when she was a mystery, not a hollywood pinup. Im sure alot will disagree with me but I am concerned all this exposure in mags will affect her negatively eventually in her career. Hope I am wrong, but there is such a thing as too much and we are definately getting there if were not actually already there.

  • Styg

    There really should be a thumb down for ridiculous comments like this. So thumb up my comment if you would thumb down the one above me!

  • Jill

    Unfortunately people like you are becoming as bad as the haters. For gosh sakes you saw him on 4 occasions where he had a camera shoved in his face by paparazzi. What is he supposed to do smile and be happy with camera men snapping flashbulbs in his face and taking videos as he tries to go about his daily business . He hates when the pappz do that. Just relax.

  • jojo

    I really wantto believe that Rob and Kris are still together, I like both of them I think they are good to each other. However, each day my gut feeling is that they split in bad terms. I think they broke up when Rob was in London. Just looking on the recent pictures of Rob after London you can really see he seems lost and very sad. I don't know what happened bui I think Rob and Kris can't pass whatever conflict what they have this time, Am hoping am wrong..

  • a LIttle lesson for the nonnies
    a LIttle lesson for the nonnies

    how many times have there been rumors of R/K breaking up since the last 4 years,many,more than you can count,how many have actually been the truth,none,what make this rumor different than the rest,nothing,just the same shit,just a different year,and nonnies drop the PR thing,it makes you sound crazier,PR=public relationship,PR couples do not have exit strategies,yet rob and kristen always go through the back door so the don't get photographed,R/K have exit strategies that is the opposite of a PR couple

  • Apple Pie
    Apple Pie

    Pattinson has "dumbed" her? I don't read hag language well, but I assume you meant "dumped". And you hags have only been saying that he has dumped her for the last two years. Let if go already! Robert Pattinson will NEVER love you! For your sake, I really hope you are under twelve.

  • Apple Pie
    Apple Pie

    She can't find a relationship and she and her Edward pillow are no longer on speaking terms! lol!

  • Jill

    Laurenk26 did you change your name to abby89 or this this just one of the other voices in your head? You can keep changing your name and spreading your lies all you want. They were just together alittle over two weeks ago. Why it is so important to you to spread hate and have them not together is beyond me. You seem to take great pleasure in trying to prove a couple that has been together for 3 years has broken up. That speaks volumes about the type of person you are and it is just sad. Go find yourself a relationship and stop spreading lies and hate about Rob and Kris (mostly Rob) on every site. Its just getting old.

  • Gugene

    ugly in this photo

  • AKKU

    Only her overworking PR team would say over and over again that she is perfect. Truth is that is just average looking man/boy looking person. Everybody knows that she has no sex appeal. Needs heavy make up and airbrushing to somewhat look like a woman. The less said about her so called talent the better. She is just an emotionless statue.Only expression she can do is pouting and showing her manly muscles. Now since Pattinson has dumbed her she will now disappear as he was her trumpcard

  • May

    God! How do you know they have split? He was seen carrying her bag to Toronto. She is busy filming in Wales until end of this week the back to london.

  • abby89

    i think you meant ex bf Rob and Kristen have clearly split. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

  • crzo

    this girl is perfect from head to toe, simply perfect go get her Rob

  • cara

    Love this white one sleeve lace dress. It looks so very sexy on her. Didn't SJP wore this one before?

  • cara

    Hot! I like the black lace skirt/shorts. It looks good on her legs paired with the sandals.