Kristen Stewart Reveals Her First Celebrity Crush! (PHOTOS)

Kristen Walks Bear
K.Stew takes her and Rob's dog for a walk in NYC
If you weren’t already dying over Kristen Stewart’s stunning shoot for Glamour, check out this behind-the-scene’s video of the Twilight star. Holy legs! 

Stewart answers a few of the magazine’s burning questions, including who her first celebrity crush was….

Harrison Ford is a real good example of, like, that man,” Kristen answers. “I like watching him say ‘My wife, my family, my wife, my family.'”

Hey, we kinda see the similarity between Harrison and boyfriend Robert Pattinson. Totally approve!

“I think if I could read any person’s mind it would be my cat- because he can’t talk to me,” laughs Kristen when asked whose mind she would read if she could a la Edward Cullen. “The Pets. The pets would be good to be on some wavelength with because I always think they are talking to me and I’m just crazy.”

We’re sure by pets, she is throwing Bear in there also- the dog she and Rob rescued together. 

As for what K.Stew does during her free time? She reveals her obsession with a certain singer:

“If Jenny Lewis played everything she’s ever done I would get fired off any job to go see that, I don’t care what I’m doing.”

For more candid confessions check out the video!