Rihanna Shows Off Big Hair in Ireland (PHOTOS)

Rihanna's Bikini Bod
Rihanna bikinis in Barbados.
Rihanna’s visit to Ireland has been filled with controversy; she recently received flack for shooting the music video for her new single, We Found Love, topless.

Well, today, the R&B singer continued to raise eyebrows as cameras snapped her leaving the Clarence Hotel in Dublin, Ireland, rocking some seriously big hair.

Rihanna tried to shield herself from the paparazzi by wearing some black shades. But given how big her hair was, it was pretty impossible not to be noticed.

No word on whether or not RiRi’s hair offended Irish farmer Alan Graham.

Check out photos of Rihanna’s hairdo now, then tell us: Is this a good look? Or is it a total hair don’t?

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