Beyonce Goes Retro in ‘Countdown’ Video Preview (VIDEO)

Beyonce Has The Blues
Beyonce sparkles in blue at the Pulse fragrance party.
Beyonce's Bikini Bump
Pregnant B bares her tummy
Beyonce's Baby Bump
Beyonce is a vision in red at VMAs!
Beyonce is known for her epic, sometimes, uh, out-there, music videos, and Countdown is looking to be no exception.

MTV on Monday released a 30-second preview of the video for Beyonce’s new single, in which the now-pregnant Single Ladies beauty dons multiple looks, including one that’s akin to Audrey Hebpurn in Funny Face.

In true Beyonce form, the video also features a number of seductive costume changes. There’s also one point in which she acts like a human clock, which is just as awesome and nuts as it sounds.

Do you think this will be Beyonce’s best music video? Or will it be a total bust? Check out the video preview now, then post your thoughts in the comments.