George Clooney, Jessica Alba Among Celebs Saying ‘F’ Word in New PSA (VIDEO)

No not THAT ‘F’ word. Celebrities are using their strong arm to give a hand to the anti-poverty advocacy group ONE, with a new PSA titled “The F Word: Famine is the Real Obscenity” making it’s rounds on the net, and showcasing the famine occurring in Somalia. 

The clip, which is a little over a minute long, features such celebs as George Clooney, Jessica Alba, Joe Jonas, Colin Farrell, and U2 frontman and humanitarian Bonoamong others, sounding off on the cause.

Clooney lets us know the severity of famine in the video, stating: 

“Thirty thousand children have died in just three months” 

Be sure to visit, to see how you can help and check out the PSA video above, and let us know your thoughts.