Lea Michele Shows A Lot of Leg for 'Horror Story' Premiere (PHOTOS)

Glee gal Lea Michele wasn't afraid to flaunt her figure at the American Horror Story premiere party Monday night. The actress stepped out in a SUPER short navy minidress that she made seem even shorter by slapping on a pair of sky-high heels. 

The actress stopped for a series of poses and was rocking the braid trend for her hairstyle. Lea's dress is actually a top by ASOS. It's sold for the bargain price of $52.38. What do you think of Lea's super short style? Sound off in the comments.

American Horror Story is Glee creator Ryan Murphy's latest TV project. 

Also at the event, was Lea's costar Cory Monteith as well as the show's stars Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott. The show premieres Wednesday, Oct. 5 on FX. 



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  • justaguy

    I want to do filthy things to ssstephanie^

  • justaguy

    she looks great...yummy even

  • anotherguy

    daammn. shes sexy but at the same time the most precious thing i have ever seen.

  • Steve

    Justaguy, not sure you are if you don't see what millions of others seem to. Need contacts?

  • Steve

    Hey, if you've got it, why not flaunt. That's what it's all about.

  • Frank McBee
    Frank McBee

    just becasue you don;t agree doesn't make it so. If she isn't you cup of tea find but she is hardly unattractive as you claim. I find her very pretty and very sexy, my opinion as many people agree.

  • Joe

    I'm brazilian and I sometimes watch glee, she is so beautiful.

  • Brit

    I dont watch Glee, but she is so cute and talented

  • Kas

    try, style maybe?? she's the celebrity with billions of dollars and a fabulous closet. im pretty sure she knows how to dress.

  • -.-

    First of all, Miley wears worse dresses than these. She doesn't even wear dresses. She wears bras with shorts. Second of all, Lea is older than Miley. Third of all, Lea wasn't Hannah Montana and didn't have all those 6-year-olds watching her.

  • josh


  • shutupbitchesanddon'tinsultfornoreason

    and later we call miley a hore for wearing dresses like these

  • nice girl
    nice girl

    i loved it, the dress the shoes and hair, also she has nice legs.

  • carney

    All that leg but no sheer hose. It's like skipping makeup, you look unfinished, half-dressed. Take a cue from Princess Kate; she looks classy in them.

  • markella

    what's with her shoes???? EW.

  • Lisa

    It's great to see her out of her "schoolgirl chic!" she is young and fabulous! Her legs look beautiful- all of the dancing she does probably helps!

  • ssstephanie

    gorgeous smile/teeth. looking very cute :P

  • ssstephanie

    tres sexy, girl!

  • ssstephanie

    loving the outfit, the hair, the makeup. the best i have seen her look.

  • Frank McBee
    Frank McBee

    She has great legs so good for you Lea.