Reese Witherspoon Sports Two Black Eyes on 'Mud' Set (PHOTOS)

Reese Witherspoon looked a little beat up, sporting two black eyes while on the set of her new film Mud. But don't worry, it's all just makeup.

Reese looked in good spirits while filming on location in Arkansas. She looked better than ever, wearing a blue tank top and a pair of short shorts. Witherspoon will be joining the cast with Matthew McConaughey and Tye Sheridan in the film about two 14-year-old boys, who encounter a mysterious fugitive hide out on an island in the Mississippi river.

Ironically enough, Reese was sporting a real black eye last month, after getting hit by a car. According to TMZ, the incident occurred when Reese was out for a jog, and a 84-year-old female driver, who failed to yield at a pedestrian crosswalk, struck her.

Just days after the accident though, she seemed in good spirits, smiling and chatting with family and friends in Los Angeles.



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  • james

    no, she not ugley she is beautiful woman in the whole world.

  • twinklemepink06

    she looks better this way. she should have black eyes all the time since she can't seem to afford a new face shape. UGH. she is SOO ugly. her poor daughter! Even Ryan couldn't help that mess of a face!

  • Doh

    What do you tell a celebrity with two blck eyes ? Nothing - you already told her twice.

  • DontHateTheTruth

    Really, who the F cares?

  • danielleakame

    well she already had one so why not add to it