Sexy Celebrity Legs: Guess Who? (PHOTOS)

Guess Who? Cleavage!
Which hot Hollywood lady is this?
Think you can guess which celebrities were showing off their killer legs this week? 

Here’s a hint, they’re both brunette and young Hollywood starlets! Click the pics to find out and let us know who you think has the hottest legs in Hollywood!

First up, she was seen doing some halloween costume shopping in Los Angeles with a vintage shirt paired with high heels and shades. Doesn’t ring a bell? Well this singer was known for her singing ability, all through High School. Think you can guess?

It’s Vanessa Hudgens! The singer/actress is currently gearing up for her eagerly anticipated movie Gimme Shelter, where she gets rid of her famous long dark hair, for her more gritty character. Besides her double take transformation for that film, she also has two other projects lined up for the next year! 

Up next, Glee gal Lea Michele stepped out showing a lot of leg for the premiere party of American Horror Story Monday night in Los Angeles.