'American Horror Story' Premiere: Will You Watch? (POLL)

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Do you like scary...TV shows? FX is offering up a new series of thrills with tonight's debut of American Horror Story.

Friday Night Lights star Connie Britton and The Practice star Dylan McDermott are the American parents in this new show. The series follows a family who moves into a big house in Los Angeles that may be haunted after horrible murders took place there.

Will you watch? Take our poll to tell us if you're tuning in!

To help celebrate the premiere of American Horror Story, Celebuzz has compiled a gallery of stars that got their start in horror films and shows. Peep the gallery beloW: 



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  • cindy Anderson
    cindy Anderson

    Yep. FX has the best shows on network TV and cable!

  • Aubs

    I will tune in to see how it goes. Just barely heard about it, so we will see

  • lonnie

    Hell ya I wayching it

  • Mike

    I'll give it a shot although I'm not expecting much because it's from the makers of Glee

  • Stacey

    I have been waiting patiently, now I'm siked!!!

  • Robin craig
    Robin craig

    Oh yea baby

  • jay

    For shizzle

  • Sharese

    I'm a horror movie/show buff. I'm so watching it tonight!!

  • Linda

    No thanks. Aren't we bombarded daily by the media with enough violence and horror stories? I would rather watch something with some substance or curl up with a good book.

  • Brandi

    Looking forward to it the preview looks interesting hope it is good

  • LoveScary

    Definitely tuning in!!!! Great cast, Interesting promos so intrigued!