‘Jersey Shore’ Star Deena Cortese Reacts to Her Club Outburst

Deena's Tat
Deena gets a gaudy temporary tattoo.
Snooki's Tumble
The 'Shore' meatball takes a fall.
They don’t call her “Blast in a Glass” for nothing! Jersey Shore star Deena Nicole Cortese verbally blasted a nightclub bouncer for kicking her out of VIP after she finished up a two-hour hosting gig she was booked to do.

TMZ reports the Jersey Shore bronzed beauty fulfilled her two-hour gig at The Alchemy in New Haven, CT but when her two hours were up, she was pushed out of VIP to make room for paying club goers!

Defending herself via twitter, Deena stood up for herself by tweeting:

@tmz I would just like to make it very clear why I went off on the alchemy owner..after I did over an hr of taking pictures..dancing on stage..n talking on the mic I was done with my 2 hrs of work.. the owner romara or w.e his name is that I didn’t see til the end n girl workers told me watch out he’s a creep..decided to grab me put me to the side speak down to me ..embaress me in front of my fans..kicked my best friend out of vip n made me cry …As I’m crying taking picss with fans I find out its the owners brother from workers.. For myself..I felt the need to stick up for myself.. after every emplloyee there clapped.”

Check out the video below of the footage of Deena lashing out on the club employees! Do you think she should have been booted from VIP area? Sound off in the comments!