Kim Kardashian: Making Babies and Moving to the Midwest? (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian and hubby Kris Humphries may be temporary New Yorkers -- as they were snapped in the Big Apple today filming Kim and Kourtney take New York -- but Kim hints that things could change drastically by having babies and moving to the Midwest! It seems Kris is rather fond of Kim's domestic side, even asking for home cooked meals.

"She is great at two or three meals ... she has potential to be great," Kris tells E!.

"It's hard because we're stuck in New York City in a hotel," Kim chimed in. "He asked me the other day, he said he really wants a home-cooked meal and I'm like, 'But we're not in a home. There's no kitchen there's no stove!'"

Meanwhile, she hints at that a mini-Kardashian could be on the way soon.

"I think we would wait like a year before we really start trying to have kids," Kim says. "I think we want to figure out where he is gonna play and figure out like his career and like if we have to pack up and move somewhere, like the Midwest. Who knows?"

Kris adds that he wants "lots of kids."



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  • khloefan

    you saw that too huh!! that girl is funny. smh

  • ivy

    Kim I am verry sorry that you have to go thru another divorce!! I believe that is very hard for him too. I think he is too heart break for him...I love you but I think you need to think twice before you make another desicion like dont have no right to play with anyones feelings.. good luck and much love to you..tell Kourtney..I love her!!!..I think she is the only real one...

  • Ivy

    Look at how Kim poses for the camera, and Kris completely ignores them. She craves attention, and she feels that she must be the center of attention at all time.

  • dsuebrd

    Is it true that yall are breaking up?

  • Tanya Love
    Tanya Love


  • Kobe

    Amazing pictures

  • Debbie Gibson
    Debbie Gibson

    Odd, Khloe and Kim were worried of not finding a guy and fist guy comes along and tells them they' re pretty everyday, they're walking down the isle. Know Kim was more in love with Ridgy then Chris

  • Nancy Charbonneau
    Nancy Charbonneau

    He's such a creep! Homely face, big teeth, lisps when he talks and what is up with this throwing her around? He's going to hurt her permanently one of these days. I'm really surprised that she gave him the time of day! No, I don't like him at all, and I cannot see her trading her haute couture for an apron and a cookbook in Minnesota. Imagine how bored she would get? That is, if he doesn't break her spine first by flinging her on the bed. He just gives me the creeps.

  • Penelopi Kokkinias
    Penelopi Kokkinias

    happy for her she found her prince :)

  • AlaBella

    So she's "stuck" in a NYC hotel? When she could easily afford an appartment? If this girl is too stingy to buy or even rent a flat and can't live anywhere else than LA, then she definitely picked the wrong guy to be with. No way it's going to last if she has such a state of mind.

  • justfab

    I love the way he says they're stuck in nyc btw. I'm from chicago. But who is making them stay there in ny? lots of people would love to be in Nyc. who wants to be in minnesota you attention wh**re.

  • justfab

    oh Please Kim is so high maintence. she could easily get an apartment in Ny. She whines how she misses LA all the time . Imagine living in Colder and boring Minnesota . she won't even survive. Kris will most likely go to La Clippers. I really dont see this lasting more than a couple of years.

  • Michelle Amengual
    Michelle Amengual

    Nice dress Kim i think you and Kris would make a good mom and dad and your kids would be so cute.