Lady Gaga Goes for Sheer and Specs in London (PHOTOS)

Perhaps it's just a style statement, or maybe that infamous London fog required Lady Gaga to reach for some optical help, but Mama Monster was spotted in four-eyed fashion as she made her way into a television taping on Wednesday.

Gaga is in London on a press trip after dropping by Paris for the city's famed fashion week, and wound up at ITV studios in London for an appearance while sporting a bit of a '50s maid look. With a big white bun atop her head and white-framed glasses accessorizing Gaga's totally-see-through top, perhaps Gaga was thinking some specs would draw attention away from her sheer shirt choice.

The Lady got a warm welcome upon landing in London, as she Tweeted: "Just landed in London! Judas playing on Radio 1 the minute I turn it on! Thank u!! Missed the UK."

Following her U.K. trip, Gaga has a Hollywood Bowl show lined up for October 15 -- and we're sure she's going to bring out her A-game for that one.



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  • Guest

    Gaga is determined to make herself uglier than she already it. And I must say, she is successful.

  • Gwen Myers Vineham Knapman
    Gwen Myers Vineham Knapman

    I am definitely not sick of Lady GaGa!! I love the way she wears what she feels like wearing, not caring if other people like it or not!! The best part is....she pulls it off fantastically!! I think she looks beautiful in her green outfit and her white one!!

  • Alipop

    I think Lady Gaga had Bell's Palsy side effects. I do, too, so I have been noticing this!

  • Jennifer

    So Pretty!

  • DeMarco

    It is a shame that Stefani still refuses to look and dress normal. She could be so hot if she wanted to.