Pop Twins Nervo Reveal What It’s Like to Tour with Britney Spears & Niki Minaj!

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Having recently wrapped up the Femme Fatale tour alongside Brittney Spears and Niki Minaj, Nervo has moved from behind the scenes to center stage for the release of their first original album!

Nervo features twins Mim and sister Liv. The DJ/producer/songwriting duo is quickly escalating to stardom after the recent success of their first single “We’re All No One.”

Celebuzz caught up with Mim Nervo and get the latest on their transition from the world of underground electro-pop to the music mainstream.

How did you like going on tour with Brittney Spears and Nikki minaj on their Femme Fatale tour?
It was “pop perfection!” We had never done an arena tour. We’ve always done club tours. To DJ in an arena is a completely different experience but it was exciting and the scale of the production was jaw-dropping. We were pinching ourselves at every moment.

You have been icons in the electro-dance scene for a while now. Is your emergence into mainstream pop a big change for you?
We’ve been behind the scenes for many years and have written for many big pop stars. We’ve always had one foot in the pop world with our writing and producing and we’ve had our other foot in the club scene DJing.  It’s great that the boarders of the two worlds are taking influences from either end.  We love that dance music is becoming so prominent on more pop radio stations.

You recently released your first single, “We’re All No One.” What can you tell us about the rest of your upcoming debut album?
We’re working on it as we speak and it’s going to be very fresh.  With the collaborations, we have some of our heroes on the album. I really think that it’s going to be a “sonic eargasm” I hope (laughs).  I feel that we’re being very true to what we feel creatively and musically. I hope people like it.

What are some of the feelings that come with making the transition to center stage?
I genuinely love it. It’s really nice having recognition for the work that you do, because when you work behind the scenes you don’t get that recognition. I love people coming up to us and telling us that they had a reaction to one of our sets. That’s really my drug. That’s a big reason why I love DJing. It’s a challenge to keep people peeking the whole time but it’s exciting and it’s definitely a big deal.

What can we expect from Nervo in the coming months?  Any tour dates planned?
[We’re doing] an Asian Tour and then we go to Amsterdam for ADE which is a huge electro festival. Also, Madonna has expressed massive interest in recording one of our songs. And William Orbit will be producing it. We also have another Record with Steve Aoki. We just want to constantly be bust and see where the wind takes us.

For the latest news on the Nervo twins, be sure to check out their Facebook fan page and visit their website, NervoMusic.com.