Ashton Kutcher’s Rumored Fling Sara Leal’s Vegas Bikini Party (PHOTOS)

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While Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore remain mum on the rumors they are separating, more info is getting leaked about Kutcher’s alleged San Diego mistress. Or rather, pictures.

Photos of Sara Leal, the blonde who reportedly had a naked (and then some) hot tub party with Ashton, have surfaced online and she looks like quite the party girl.

Wearing a grey bikini, check out the shots of Sara partying in Las Vegas. 

As of now, the reports circulating about Sara and Ashton’s wild San Diego weekend have yet to be confirmed, but this week, a slew of new reports surfaced linking the two together.

In the new issue of Us Weekly, sources claim that Ashton enjoyed a hot tub rendez-vous on Sept. 24 at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego – the same day as his wedding anniversary to Demi. (At the time, Demi was reportedly promoting her new Lifetime movie, Five, in New York City.) According to the report, Ashton met 23-year-old blonde Sara Leal at Fluxx nightclub shortly after 4AM. He then escorted Leal and her friend to his $2,500 per-night hotel suite, where they jumped into the hot tub, naked, “within five minutes.”

 “Ashton told them he was separated from Demi,” a source said. How nice.

After looking at these pics, what do you think about his alleged mistress?