Cute Kid Alert! Suri Cruise Bundles Up in Pittsburgh (PHOTOS)

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise Grab Java at Starbucks

It looks like the chilly east coast fall is officially underway!

Katie Holmes took her 5-year-old daughter Suri Cruise to grab a treat at Starbucks on Thursday morning. Being the doting mother that she is, Katie gave little Suri her jacket to stay warm. Everyone together now -- aww!

This mommy daughter duo have been having all kinds of fun while dad Tom Cruise films his latest project nearby.

Earlier this week, Katie took Suri to a museum, then the two grabbed some ice cream. Yum!

The fam has been spending time on the east coast while poppa Tom films his latest project, One Shot. According to IMDB it’s based on the Lee Child‘s crime novel of the same name, and is about “a homicide investigator digs deeper into a case involving a trained military sniper who shot five random victims.”

Check out some pics of him on set from last week below!



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  • Shirvana

    Ohhh I want some too!but I want to wait until baby arrives to see about iiszng...I still have some adorable shoes baby 1 never even wore!

  • Otez

    Lilianne, that is exactly what I don't uastrdennd! If ppl don't like them why stalk this family? Specialy Libra, she even visits a fan site and she not one.Dancer, how do you know there is no car seat?? The bodyguards always open the car door once Katie and Suri are ready to get off. There are video where I have seen the bodyguards or driver waiting for a while before opening the car.

  • Jonathan Siewert
    Jonathan Siewert

    Suri looks like a little Katie Holmes.

  • wheat636

    Suri is cute, but Katie looks amazing here!

  • clearperspective

    "cute baby….i love my boyfriend..." You are a 'tard. Do not pass GO, go directly to 'tardville.

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