John Mayer Sought ‘Tough Love’ Relationship Advice from Matchmaker

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It’s no secret that John Mayer has had his share of relationship faux pas. Although he’s recently kept his private life (and his mouth) quiet, it’s difficult to forget how he described Jessica Simpson as a “sexual napalm” or how he dated and dumped a slew of A-list women like Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Swift.

After making headlines for all his breakups, the “My Stupid Mouth” singer decided to seek out some real relationship advice from VH1’s Tough Love host, Steve Ward. Steve tells Celebuzz that he bumped into Mayer at a VH1 Save The Music Foundation event last year and was surprised when the singer pulled him aside to get intimate advice about why his relationships have all fizzled.

“When he had me alone, John asked me what I thought about his love life, so I told him point blank, ‘I think you got a chip on your shoulder, man. You’re pissed off about your childhood or being bullied, and now you unfortunately take it out on women.'”

John was apparently taken aback, but Steve continued dish the singer some tough love. 

“I told him he had to realize that he had won. He was ten times more successful than the next most successful person to come out of his high school. And odds are, they had to graduate to be that successful. I told him, ‘If I were you, I’d pat myself on the back, and let go of it,'” he recalled.

Steve believes there is hope for Mayer, and that he’ll eventually find the woman of his dreams — as long as he follows the Tough Love advice.

So Celebuzz readers, what do you think about Steve’s advice? Sound off in the comments section and let us know who you think John Mayer should date next! Plus, watch Steve’s exclusive message below and learn how you can win a trip to the Tough Love set!