Justin Bieber Surprises Rio with New Single ‘Mistletoe’ (VIDEO)

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Just days after announcing that “Mistletoe” would be the first single off his Christmas album, Justin Bieber gave fans a surprise performance of his brand-new song!

During his concert in Rio, the Biebs launched into an impromptu rendition of the holiday-themed love anthem.

“This is the first time anywhere in the world that I’ve sung this,” he told the roaring crowd. “So, this is special.”

Cue tween girls screaming their heads off. Justin has been causing plenty of fainting spells while on the road in Rio, greeting fans from his hotel balcony on the daily.

Unlike many traditional xmas songs, the music has a reggae vibe and rhythm to it — which definitely gives it a unique sound.

What do you think of the new track — will it make it onto your Christmas CD? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!