Kendall Jenner Wows in White Sands Bikini Shoot (PHOTOS)

Kendall Jenner's White Sands Spring/Summer 2012 Shoot
Backstage With Kendall
Behind the Scenes With Kendall Jenner at Sherri Hill
Kendall behind the scenes at her runway debut. Watch »

Kendall Jenner is quickly becoming the modelling world's "it" girl!

In a series of photos from Australian swimwear company White Sands, the 15-year-old beauty strikes a pose in various bikinis.

The company is thrilled with the shot and tells Celebuzz why they chose Kendall, noting that they were actually not aware of her reality star status: "The White Sands Spring/Summer 2012 collection has both an ethereal and strong side and we wanted a model that could capture both. As we were casting for the campaign, we came across Kendall's portfolio and loved her softness and strength. She actually made it to the top of our list before we knew her background!"

They added that "Kendall was a delight on set and a natural in front of the camera. She did however mention her runway nerves."

It appears she managed to shake those butterflies for her first runway during the New York Fashion Week show for Sherri Hill!

Not only did Kendall love the collection, but she made sure to pick out some pieces for her sisters. We're told her personal favorites are the the floral prints and high waisted bikini. 

The collection will be available in March.



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  • kayley

    your so disgusting! firstly she was 16 when this was take and i doubt very much that her parents would want you who is probably an overweight balding middle aged man drooling over her because your love life so sad these are the only 'boobs' you are ever going to see. next time remember that shes still a child. And before you say she shouldnt of posed like this or every mans thinking it remember your the only one writing it and making it public you vile human being.

  • kendallfan

    Ever heard of fast metabolism? The reason to why she is so thin is because her dad used to be an athlete, so she digests food very fast. She can eat basically whatever she wants.

  • Michelle Doherty
    Michelle Doherty

    This is bullshit! She needs to be doing other things then posing in a half ass outfit for jackasses to masturbate too! She's underwieght and a little girl. All the fat in her chest is what you think makes her well formed, omg! that about sums up this whole hollywood, modeling scene....I would never put my 16 yr old daughter in front of the camera like this.

  • Pink

    If someone doesn't like the picture can not comment?? I don't think that is democratic! By the way, I like the pic but I agree that her mother is a pimp! Why she (and her husband ) don't find a real job and so they can be a good example to their kids? What she does is disgusting, but we pretend it's glamour because it shows money money, and human being are fascinated by objects that glow... very sad

  • Zoe

    Exclusive Pics!!

  • Zoe

    omg stop paying her out saying she has granny undies, she has to wear it, there not even that bad get ova it.

  • alisia

    happy bday

  • lyn

    the definition of "slut" is sleeping with a lot of guys. I dont recall taking a photo like this is "slutting around" if you dont like the picture dont comment.

  • lyn

    i dont get why wearing a bathing suit makes her look "old" shes 16, look at the "younger" girls and look what they wear. Also maybe she likes doing what she does. Stop blaming the parents and worry about your self. You wouldnt care if she wasnt famous, so get over your self.

  • niki

    Happy birthday sweety may god always give u wat u need stay bless

  • Cindy Cassady
    Cindy Cassady

    Happy Birthday to a lovely young lady!

  • bee

    Happy birthday kendall have fun to the fullest

  • HannahB

    and how old are you? Im guessing 24 as its in your username if so your a disgusting pervert!

  • tutu

    Happy birthday kendall!! Wishing u the best.xoxo

  • audrey

    natural beauty!...except the makeup, hair,and small amount of photo editing.

  • vanessa adams
    vanessa adams

    shut up all of you! she can do what she wants to do. what is her passion...and im doing modeling too......SO FUN!

  • dave1001

    I agree. You can really see how well-developed her boobs are even at the age of 15. Even though Kendall is thin and has the long legs of a model, she's nice and developed up top just like her sisters. This pic is great for masturbating to and I don't feel guilty about it because her parents were Ok with it.

  • jamalie17

    U guys are seriously jealous. She has never come off as a what ur pertraying of her. She's beautiful &full of talent!!

  • Niki Pezaros
    Niki Pezaros

    The 60's is back - so the new swimwear fashion for summer is the 60's look...

  • barbi

    totally agree!

  • barbi

    she has a really good body and her face is really beautiful!

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  • sin

    Way too young to look like this. She already looks like she is in her 20's and as bad as her mom wants money, this poor girl will be pimped out the rest of her life.

  • Nicole

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  • sin

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  • Shanice09

    Love this!that dress is fab!

  • Shanice09

    Maybe it's sure you can wear it as underwear nd not a bikini!

  • Shanice09


  • Shanice09

    Kendal is gorgeous!


    Kendall is too thin,i don't envy her bikini body she should stop d fucking diet n eat som nice food to add som good flesh to those skinny bones...

  • emmm

    natural beauty!

  • mohicanrebel

    I agree this is a No Way bikini

  • mohicanrebel

    wow...just wow

  • fnumbuh

    good foe her, proving you don't have to be 18 to be sexy

  • johnmichael24

    This is the best pic I ever saw of her in my life. I just want to bone her so bad. She's the hottest model I've ever seen.

  • Althea

    you mean for her age idiot

  • kris

    She has big boobs as her age.....

  • Megan

    Don't like the bikini but i like her pose and face expression

  • Megan

    The best pic of this shoot in my opinion

  • Me

    Abeg kendal shd go and seat dwn...she is 2 skiny. This is nt modelling, its suffering r mayb posing fr the needy

  • Laura Mayancela
    Laura Mayancela

    oooo.Good pic

  • Laura Mayancela
    Laura Mayancela

    Don't like this bikini.Looks like granny panties.