Kourtney Kardashian Does So-So on Kris Humphries ‘Today’ Quiz (VIDEO)

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Kris Humphries has been her brother-in-law for a little less than two months now, so Kourtney Kardashian should know a fair amount about Kim Kardashian’s NBA star husband. But does she know the little details about him and his basketball career? Well, Hoda Kotb put her to the test on Today — as they’ve been doing with the whole Kardashian family this week — and let’s just say Kourtney has some studying to do.

Kourtney got 33 percent of the questions right — one out of three — putting her in the middle when it comes to her family, as mom Kris Jenner zilched out with zero correct answers, while Khloe Kardashian and Bruce Jenner each got three out of three. So what did Kourt whiff on?

After answering Kris’ jersey number correctly (he wears #43 for the New Jersey Nets), Hoda asked what his shoe size was, and then which prestigious college he turned down a basketball scholarship to. Kourtney answered 14 and Kentucky respectively, when the right answers were really size 12 and Duke.

“I got one right. At least I’m not the worst,” Kourtney joked at the end of the quiz.

Kotb then said she was curious to see how Kim would fare when she co-hosts on Friday, causing Kourtney to wonder if Kim would have all the right answers about her new husband.

“That would be amazing if she didn’t,” Kourtney laughed.

Be sure to tune in to see how Kim fares on Friday, and then get ready for Kim’s Fairy Tale Wedding on E! this Sunday and Monday, Oct. 9 and 10!