Rihanna Rides Subway to Her Own Show (PHOTO)

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By bus or by train, Rihanna does not disappoint her awaiting fans. On Wednesday night, the actress hopped a subway (aka "the tube") for her own show at London's o2 Arena. 

Fans went crazy for the "What's My Name" star who hopped off at the North Greenwich station. One fan tweeted a pic (seen above) and wrote: 

"I cannot believe @Rihanna got the tube to the o2 tonight! But she did..."
RiRi tweeted back: "WORD UP!!!" Following her London show, she wrote via Twitter: 
"#O2London1Of10 #LOUDtourUK BEST SHOW EVERRR!!!!"
That wasn't the only thing Rihanna was excited about. It was announced this week that the pop star is the ONLY person in HISTORY to have 20 Top 10 hits in the Top 100.

Not bad for a 23-year-old girl from Barbados! 



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  • R

    Always thought Rihanna was great at writing catchy songs but not the greatest singer in the world...A sort of Britney if Britney hadn't gone off the rails. She seems nice though, she gets a lot of flack for being sexy but she always comes across in her interviews as sweet if not the brightest bulb in the box.

  • michelle

    who cares she's cute and cant sing .she carrys all her tunes.im not hating it a fact a fact. the industry doesn't care about talent its sex & more sex that whats sells.

  • phillyfreeze69

    Rihanna is a very talented, sexy, and vivacious recording artist. To have 20 Top Ten songs in the Top 100 is phenomenal.

  • Bochalino

    WRONG! She is the FASTEST artist to ever have 20 Top 10 hits

  • AlaBella

    Last time I checked, Rihanna was NOT an actress